British Jobs on the Rise

19th June 2013

Antal International have recently undertaken a worldwide study, contacting almost 10,000 companies and businesses across Europe, Africa, India, China and North America. In the survey Antal enquired about the current rates of hiring and firing at professional and managerial levels, and the expected rates of the next quarter. In an encouraging conclusion for Britain, the findings showed that hiring levels have continued in a positive trend in the UK, with half of all employers hiring rather than firing (this has exceeded previous estimations on a minority proportion of hiring). This is expected to continue, as findings show that 53% plan to begin recruiting for senior roles in the coming quarter.

86% of all UK respondents declared they were currently recruiting for creative design and board or “C” level talent, with almost all expecting to begin hiring in the coming three months. Western European businesses had a much lower average in these sectors, leaning heavily towards engineering and production. Unfortunately the firing rate in British companies has risen by 11%, meaning that now 41% are thinning their workforce.

The CEO of Antal commented that the findings of their survey shows that “there are green shoots of employment positivity” and that “a positive future could be on the cards.” Antal’s Managing Partner also offered his opinion on the levels of firing – “It is encouraging, though, that these levels are predicted to drop as employers look to at [sic] developing retention strategies in the UK”

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