Expectations: Don’t Look For Perfect Employees

27th June 2013

Hiring managers are spending more and more time looking for the perfect candidates who tick all of the boxes, leaving positions vacant for a worryingly long period. The reality is that there are lots of people who can fill the vacancy well and will work to the required standard.

Hiring strategies can help employers find the candidates they need, also helping plan and budget for vacancies that may not have arisen yet. Developing a plan of how you would fill positions in your company can avoid forcing you to ‘wing’ the process and be lumped with an inadequate employee or a lengthy absence in your workforce.

Training is imperative to developing employees and retaining them in the long term. Workers feel happier in jobs where they understand their input and value their own work. Training your recruitment team is equally important: make sure that they sympathise with the corporate message and look for candidates with a matching personality.

Hiring budgets are largely irrelevant if you’re looking for the best. Spread the word about your vacancy and attract the top talent, the money you spend will be easily recouped if you manage to find the right candidate.

Headhunters seem to be a thing of the past, but recruitment teams should be working in a more active manner. Don’t let your recruiters wait for applications, make them encourage applications and get them advertising through all the right channels.

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