Motivating your Employees during Summer

3rd June 2013

Employee absences are a common occurrence in summer, coinciding with warmer weather, festivals and holidays. Whilst most workers follow the proper holiday request procedure, businesses in the UK suffer from £10bn to £30bn in absence-related costs every year and it’s at its most expensive during summer.

Managers can find it easy to jump to conclusions after employees fail to turn up at the beginning of the week, after having booked time off the previous week. Proper procedures should still be upheld before deciding to take formal action. To lay the foundations for dealing with summer absences, managers should look to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Make it clear that unauthorised absences are serious disciplinary offences
• Maintain organised attendance records for future cross-reference
• Ask employees to request holidays as early as possible, to make it easier for both parties
• Make “return to work” interviews a policy after any absence
• Develop and stick by a concrete absence policy

Addressing issues immediately is key to both solving the issue at hand, and making it clear to other employees what is and isn’t acceptable. Whilst managers don’t want to dampen the sunshine fun of their employees, business is business and unauthorised absences are destructive.

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