Rising Figures in Mobile Job Hunting

19th June 2013

Jobsite recently published an excellent infographic showing the rise of mobile job hunting. With more people using a number of devices to search for vacancies than ever before, the figures are showing a healthy upward scale of mobile recruitment.

The outstanding statistic from the study is that now more than 33% of all jobseekers are applying for jobs via mobile, with 20% of all wishing that their favourite job boards would develop a mobile friendly version. The average number of vacancies advertised per business has fallen from 7.7 to 6.5, whilst the average contract/temporary vacancies have risen from 2.6 to 3.8.

Confidence in jobseekers has risen as almost 10% fewer feel worse about their job situation, with ‘job seeking pessimism’ falling from 57% to 48%. Jobsite have noted an 11% increase in direct sending of CVs to employers, whilst sending an email copy has doubled since February 2012.

Despite recent bad press, job boards remain the most successful method of recruiting for businesses, followed by newspapers in 2nd and trade publications in 3rd.

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