Skill Shortages Stall British Growth

3rd June 2013

Strangely enough, in a world of high unemployment, skill shortages are continuing to rise. Whether it’s a failure of education or the companies and governments themselves remains to be seen. The labour market is in dire need of skilled employees, which seem to be getting rarer and rarer still.

With the economic slump in Britain set to continue its unfortunate trend, skill shortages are being seen in areas as differing as computing, healthcare, teaching and energy. Immigration rules are becoming stricter and inhibiting the chance for skilled foreign workers to help alleviate the issue.

The Director of Hays Human Resources recently commented that businesses should adopt a “strategic, long term” plan on investing in skill gaps through “training, apprenticeships, university bursaries.” The speaker also went on to mention that education and business are not currently in sync and that a number of students are graduating without career opportunities.

The top five jobs and industries which are currently in demand in the UK are:

1.) IT: programmers, developers, project managers
2.) Finance: auditors, credit managers, corporate professionals
3.) Energy: engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical)
4.) Health: doctors, A&E nurses
5.) Insurance: actuarial analysts and solvency experience

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