Bizarre Boss Requests

2nd July 2013

CareerBuilder have recently undertaken an in-depth and entertaining survey which has revealed some extremely strange requests from bosses in the U.S. Across 3600 participants, CareerBuilder compiled this list of the most bizarre boss requests.

• Employees have noted bosses asking them to spy on other levels of senior management.

• One Boss has even been reported to ask an employee to “hook him up” with drugs.

• An enterprising boss tapped her workforce’s knowledge to try and come up with a science fair project for her daughter.

• Getting stage-fright, one boss asked his employee to fire somebody: that somebody being that boss’s very own brother!

• Falling on hard times, one manager requested to borrow money from an employee for a down payment on a new car.

• A socially awkward boss has been reported to have asked an employee to be better friends.

• Another enterprising manager tasked his employee with rifling through a nearby abandoned office building for furniture and supplies – every penny counts!

CareerBuilder have also found, through a survey of 400 UK professionals, that 52% of participants enjoy reporting to their current boss. Almost 60% commented that they respected their bosses but only a quarter of those asked thought they could learn from their superior. Almost 30% went on record to say that their boss has asked them to perform a task unrelated to their job. are leaders in low-cost, fixed fee recruitment in the UK.