Bizarre Student Recruitment Campaigns

8th July 2013

We came across an interesting article from The Sun’s website, which continued to look at some of the most bizarre student recruitment campaigns. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
Students are being snapped up through some of the world’s most bizarre recruitment campaigns, with companies opting for innovation and invention in their attempts to bag the best talent. In 2013 alone, we have seen some of the most impressive and puzzling student recruitment campaigns.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Despite the publicised financial problems that RBS have been struggling with, they have still spent a lot of money on their ‘Indian Summer’ competition on UK university campuses. Taking a full-sized replica of an Indian elephant and treating students to free curry nights was all part of a thinly-veiled recruitment drive to catch the attention of prospective graduates looking for a company to work for.


Barclay’s were another British bank looking to capture talent on the campus of universities, by bringing along a ‘Crystal Maze’ style game. Students would step into the box and be confronted with the challenge to grab as many notes as possible, flurrying around the box thanks to some high power fans.

Jaguar/Land Rover

These two giants of the British motor industry decided to appeal to the young person’s sweet tooth and music taste by playing 50 Cent whilst handing out free Pick ‘n’ Mixes. Playing on the ‘hand-picked’ element of their graduate careers, Jaguar and Land Rover attempted to connect with graduates by removing the corporate façade of their brand and injecting a little personality.


The bargain German supermarket chain are well acquainted with cash-strapped students and decided that a sports team tour style trip around universities was in order to catch the eye of graduates. Pulling into campuses in a highly branded bus and handing out free food was sure to win the hearts and CVs of struggling students around the country.


The famous British financial powerhouse Deloitte hired a street magician to turn heads to the brand – introducing students to the world’s largest accountancy company with some impressive sleight-of-hand. are UK market leaders in online recruitment for a fixed, low fee.