Hiring Mistakes – Making a Poor Start

2nd July 2013

Being rewarded with your dream job doesn’t mean that the hard work is over: hearing the words “welcome aboard” heralds the beginning; not the end. Hitting the ground running and making sure that you contribute from the word ‘Go!’ is essential to maintaining your position. By the end of the first quarter, both you and your manager want you to have achieved the following:

• You want the existing workforce to wonder how they ever got by before you came on board.
• You want to be surprised by how much you enjoy your job and every day at work.
• You want to be excited about your contribution to the future of the business, and you want your manager to share this endorsement.

Managers who have recently taken on new employees should try to adhere to the following four steps to make sure that goals are met:

• Encourage the workforce to make an extra effort to get the ball rolling. Have them make the new starter feel welcome – a smooth transition is in everybody’s interest.

• Be lenient – new starters can stress themselves out and try to do everything at once to prove their worth. Being patient with them and ensuring them that they can contribute without burning themselves out is integral to long lasting success.

• A feedback loop will work wonders – giving the manager, the employee and the workforce an opportunity to praise the new starter and recommend areas for improvement.

• Being clear about roles, goals and expected achievements can help to avoid any grey areas in future understandings. Reminding new starters that how they go about their job, rather than what they get done, can be more important.

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