The Value of Hiring Unemployed Applicants

16th July 2013

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter recently, which looked at the real value behind hiring somebody who is unemployed. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

In a survey conducted by Bullhorn in 2012, some surprising statistics emerged which showed that having long-term unemployment damages your chances of getting hired more than a criminal record. The anonymous survey involved 1,500 recruiters and it showed that 44% of them voted that finding a job for somebody who had been unemployed for more than two years was the hardest type of placement. Only 31% of respondents commented that clients with criminal records were harder to place.

Loyalty & Retention
Unemployed applicants who have been struggling to find steady work stand to be far more loyal – if only for the reason that they know the dangers and difficulties of finding a job. Realistic views of the marketplace and being able to share their experiences of unemployment could also have a knock-on effect of increasing retention in other employees.

Expanding Skills
Through the process of being unemployed, many candidates will have spent time studying for qualifications and skills to help them find work. Assessing what they have learnt in their period of unemployment could unearth some valuable skills.

Many unemployed applicants will have a wide network of contacts built up through their job seeking, from taking courses etc. Tapping into this network can help you to find potential new hires with similar skill sets and attitudes toward work.

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