The Worst Interview Mistakes from the HR-POV

8th July 2013

We came across an interesting article from Payscale recently, which offered an insight into the mistakes that HR professionals consider the most costly during interviews. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

HR professionals are experts at handling job interviews – having seen and heard all possible excuses, and training an incisive gut feeling over their years of experience. Some of the most damaging mistakes that they encounter on a regular basis are listed below:

First Impressions
Everybody knows that first impressions can be the make or break moment in an interview, but HR professionals state that the first few minutes are “absolutely critical.” Even the arbitrary items such as the handshake can weigh in on the decision making process.

Going Overboard
It’s natural to want to give your interviewer as much information as possible, but there is such a thing as talking too much. The HR team will often have a set of questions that they want to get through, so give them a chance to get to the bottom line and omit any information that isn’t crucial to your application.

The Numbers
Salary negotiations are important, but let the interviewer steer the conversation here where necessary. Asking about this too soon can give a bad impression – ask relevant questions when appropriate.

Being Negative
Speaking ill if your former employers, colleagues or clients can be a huge mistake. Don’t let yourself be perceived as a negative person from the offset. Instead, paint yourself as a positive personality, a problem-solver and an attractive hire. You should market yourself as an asset.

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