Employer & Employee Behaviour

13th August 2013

We came across an interesting article from the LinkedIn blog recently, which looks at some of the golden rules for both employers and employees to adhere to in the workplace. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Being at your desk and ready to work on time in the morning, leaving when lunch starts and returning ready to begin the afternoon; these are all organisational rules that help the workplace run smoothly. Always use the clocking system faithfully and don’t take advantage of it.

Represent your business in a manner that would please both your manager and your parents. Treat your colleagues and your customers how you would like to be treated.

Co-workers know that they can rely on you, and vice-versa. Confidence and relationships in the workplace will be the better for it. Support your team in front of them and when they’re not around.

Make sure you’re pulling your weight in making the business a nice place to work and place for customers to visit. It falls to the workers of a company to make this change and it takes a concerted effort, so make sure you’re contributing to the effort too.

Make sure that you’re not wasting your time; be economical with both your time and with company supplies. Know that any work you don’t pour all of your effort into will require improvement and this takes time; be sensible with your effort.

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