Recruiting - Tradition Fades Slowly

13th August 2013

We came across an interesting article from the recently, which looked at the longevity of tradition and outdated practice in recruitment. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Recruitment is one of the industries that clutches strongly to tradition, despite much of modern data seeming to spell the end of outdated practices. Often referred to as ‘sacred cows’ – these practices punctuate recruitment across all sectors and continue to exist in defiance of strong evidence that supports their defunct roles.

Recruitment has always been this way, with exercises including lie detector tests and drugs tests, extreme sexism, anti-nepotism and homophobia being common for a long time after they should have been banished. Below are some of the biggest offenders in modern recruitment silliness:

CV Reliance
Recruitment is entirely reliant upon the CV to screen applicants – in the face of evidence that proves more than half of these documents will contain untruths, both positive and negative. There isn’t any proof that a better CV results in a better hire and standardised platforms with LinkedIn are likely to prove the ultimate replacement.

University Degrees
Recruitment is littered with evidence that higher qualifications are no indication of the ability to perform in a specific role. Among some of the most compelling evidence are the facts that some of the biggest names in Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter either dropped out of or never attended college/university.

Cost vs. Quality
Transactional costs of hiring don’t reflect on the success of a candidate – instead calculate the difference in revenue between hiring poor, good or excellent applicants. This will show the impact of good recruiting and what it can contribute to the bottom line of the business. are UK leaders in low cost online recruitment.