Using Your Personality in Interviews

4th September 2013

We came across an interesting article from The Work Buzz, which looked at using your personality as a means of getting a new job or a promotion. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

A lot of us believe that if we could get to the interview stage, then we could shine brighter than our CV or covering letter allows us. CareerBuilder recently undertook research which quizzed employers about which personality traits have positive or negative results in the hiring process – it’s clearly a defining factor of the interview stage.

Employers are not only looking for candidates with the requirements to plug the gap, they’re also investing in an employee who will contribute to their business. Fitting in at the office and having the ability to adapt seamlessly to the company culture are skills defined by personality. Some of the most popular responses from employers about which factors have a positive effect included:

• A great sense of humour – 27%
• Community involvement – 26%
• Presentation and dress – 22%
• Common interests with the employer/company – 21%
• Physical fitness – 13%
• Current affairs and pop culture awareness – 8%
• Social media involvement – 7%
• Sports knowledge - 4%

On the other hand, there are equally as many personality traits that can work against you. These can affect the interview stages but can also lead to termination of employment, even if you’re successful and get the job:

• Shirking of duties – 71%
• Tardiness – 69%
• Lying – 68%
• Taking credit for others’ work – 64%
• Leaving early – 55%
• Poor care for expenses – 55%
• Gossiping – 46%
• Poor professionalism – 35%
• Swearing – 30% is a market-leader in sourcing great quality, low cost candidates to fill the gap in your company’s skillset.