10 Words that Shouldn't be in A CV

28th January 2014

We came across an interesting article from Life Hack recently, which looked at the top ten words that you should avoid using within your CV and the reason why. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Each individual requires a CV in order to apply for jobs; whether you’ve just finished school, have obtained your degree or are looking to change jobs. However, even if you are hiring someone to write your CV for you or you’re writing it yourself, there are some words that should not be contained within your CV.

10 – Capable
Using this word in your CV can irritate potential employers as you do not know whether you are ‘capable’ just from reading a job description; there is no real alternative to this word aside from ‘efficient’.

9 – Scalable
This term is quite vague and difficult to define, so doesn’t hold much sway, making it difficult to understand certain phrases that it is used in. It’s due to this that you shouldn’t use it in your CV.

8 – Hard Working
Working hard is good; but performing well is better. An employer will choose a candidate that performs well over a candidate that works hard every time as you don’t always have to work hard in order to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Use a synonym that’s appropriate or avoid this adjective.

7 – Thru
You may not necessarily use the word ‘thru’ in your CV; but this word represents all grammatical errors and mistakes that are made whilst writing a CV. We advise that you proofread your CV thoroughly for simple mistakes such as confusions between ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ or even ‘know’ and ‘no’.

6 – Problem Solver
This is one of those words that although you may have positive intentions whilst using it, the word also has negative connotations. This phrase suggests that if there is trouble you may complicate the situation whilst trying to act as the problem solver; this can also lead to uncomfortable questioning at the interview stage.

5 – Creative
You can use ‘creative’ within your CV but it’s advised that you do not use this word to describe yourself. Instead discuss creative tasks that you have been involved in or creative people that you have worked with in the past.

4 – Innovative
This word has been used too often within CVs and has now become redundant; if you use this word in your CV you may find that employers do not wish to look further. Instead of using ‘innovative’ try to use phrases to describe how you have displayed your ability to devise new strategies.

3 – Communication Skills
When you write your CV one of your main goals should be to make your CV stand out above all others; this means utilising words that others do not. ‘Communication skills’ is a vague phrase used by too many people; if you focus on the quality of your CV you will be able to show your communication skills.

2 – Motivated
This term is okay if you’re explaining what it is that motivates you. Using the phrase ‘motivated’ alone is likely to cause more difficult questions at the interview stage.

1 – Skilful
‘Skilful’ does not describe the skills that you actually possess – a necessity if you’re making a serious attempt at applying for a job.

With these ideas in mind you may wish to go through your CV and revise the general wording of your CV with emphasis on how you describe yourself.

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