Can A Lack of Candidate Feedback Negatively Affect your Business?

20th January 2014

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter, which looked at whether providing candidate feedback can affect your company, with emphasis on the repercussions of forgetting or failing to send candidate feedback. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

With a survey conducted by Gerry Crispin in 2012 that focused on the experiences of candidates within more than 100 American businesses, approximately 80% of individuals that were unsuccessful in their job application did not receive feedback from the company in question and only 10% of the applicants received feedback that they would deem constructive and useful. In conclusion, the individuals would have preferred more detailed feedback.

However, it’s a general belief amongst employers that providing feedback for applicants is not of great importance; but is this unfair on the candidate who applied for the job? One of the biggest questions is whether there is any benefit to an employer that provides feedback, and could withholding feedback negatively affect your company or brand?

One of the potential benefits of giving constructive feedback to the candidates who are unsuccessful in their job application is that the driven individuals who are committed to the company’s cause will work hard to achieve the appropriate skills so that they may succeed in their future endeavours; in effect, an influential company can encourage the development of an individual.

It’s essential that you take into account the damage that can be done to a company’s reputation through a lack of feedback. Modern technology has made it possible for an issue such as this to become “viral”. Whether you have treated your candidates fairly or poorly is important: approximately 80% of your candidates will tell their family and friends whereas 65% will inform others of their experience through social media according to
The more you put into treating your applicants well, the more talent and potential you could receive from applicants in the future. In the same way, if you treat your applicants poorly you will discourage future applicants as they will have a poor opinion of you.

A bad company reputation due to a lack of candidate feedback can also prevent people from buying your products or utilising your services. In some cases a lawyer may suggest that you avoid giving candidate feedback in order to prevent any legal action. On the other hand, individuals that receive candidate feedback tend to sympathise with the employer.

In conclusion, you could cause serious damage to your company and its reputation through a lack of candidate feedback, but it’s also understandable that you may not have the time or budget to do so. is an online recruitment agency dedicated to low cost recruitment.