Optimising Google+ for Online Recruitment

31st January 2014
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Google+ now has 540 million users and despite comments about its lack of usefulness, is turning into a pretty good online recruitment tool. Check out below why and how to optimise your Google+ page for recruitment.

Andy Headworth wrote a great post about Google+ and using this recently. We’ve created our own image showing how to optimise your Google+ business page for the best results below, but here’s why to use the platform itself to meet your recruitment needs according to Andy’s post (read it in full here).

Active Users
There are over half a billion monthly active users (and they’re not all digital marketers anymore!). The search feature - it is Google after all - works brilliantly, so sourcing candidates through this platform is a great way to utilise it. Additionally, if you’re looking to hire in the digital field, what better way to scope someone out then see how they use Google+?

Setting up Google+ authorship allows Google to start crediting you as an author. You do this by linking your Google+ profile to your Google+ page and listing yourself as a contributor; linking your website blogs/pages to your Google+ profile using the authorship tag, and linking your Google+ profile to your website and Google+ page. There may be some organic ranking benefit in it for you later down the line and you’re also building up a solid social profile with the biggest search engine in the world that candidates and employers are more likely to see.

Andy lists a whole host of Google Products in his blog, among them YouTube - Google is forever integrating products into Google+ (try Places, Maps and Gmail for starters!). There are even claims Google+ pages show up favourably organically, so by being on it, you potentially have access to a wider network of candidates and employers who could be seeing your ad.

It’s easy to add people to circles and even if you can’t see someone’s contact details, you can email people to their Gmail without having their address. Getting in contact with potential candidates has never been easer.

In summary, there are potential ranking benefits and you have access to a huge talent pool, multiple platforms to aid exposure and ways to build your social media profile all via Google+.

Interested? Read how to optimise your Google+ profile for online recruitment below:


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