Six Interesting Perks & the Businesses that Provide Them

28th January 2014

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter recently, which looked at some of the best companies to work for as well as the assortment of perks that are made available to the employees. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

We hear of many large employers that offer particularly good perks to some of their employees as a way of showing their appreciation. These brands include Facebook, Google and Zappos – but here are a few benefits that you may not have heard of.

Acupuncture on Cisco
Cisco in San Jose, California, are in a league of their own with their corporate gym: in addition to maintaining their own fitness centre, Cisco also offer their employees acupuncture, primary health care. as well as physical therapy. Cisco understands the balance between work and life and incorporates this balance where possible.

12 Paid Holidays from Boeing
Boeing recognise that time off is a necessity and thus they provide their employees with 12 paid holidays and a winter recess period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Boeing believes in the benefits that relaxed employees can provide.

Johnson & Johnson Provide Concierge Service
Only a select 12,000 employees receive this service, however, in order to alleviate the effects of stress upon the body, Johnson & Johnson provide this service to ensure that employees are kept happy with their domestic chores being taken care of – they also supply childcare and paid sabbaticals.

Extraordinary Maternity and Paternity Leave from Microsoft
As a new parent it can be difficult to get the balance right as you’re thrown into a new lifestyle while requiring time to adjust away from work. Microsoft, unlike other U.S. corporations, provide new parents with paid leave as well as Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy which is used to treat autism.

Same Sex Couples Receive Benefits from 3M
3M (a global innovation company) provides their employees with a variety of benefits. These benefits include a fitness centre, a pharmacy and arrangements to aid those that wish to stop smoking. They also have plans to alleviate stress as well as awesome advantages such as being one of the only large companies that provides same-sex couples in domestic partnerships with benefits.

On-site Massages with SAS
As well as providing a fitness and recreation centre for their employees to enjoy, SAS have also committed part of the area at their NC campus to traditional Swedish orthopaedic massages.

Although these benefits cannot be cheap, these particular companies understand that the health and happiness of their workforce can affect their success. is an online agency dedicated to recruitment and helping you find the right individual for your company at a fixed cost.