One Direction Decoy Hunt Could Suggest New Direction for Struggling Staff

12th May 2014

Boyband superpower One Direction are used to being followed by thousands of screaming girls, however the pressure of the constant adoration appears to have got to them. The group’s security team are planning to recruit lookalikes of the boys in order to relieve some of the strain of being endlessly screamed at, but can this crazy scheme be translated into every day recruitment?

Two Directions
The group, comprised of five young men who originally auditioned as solo artists on talent contest TV show The X Factor, have now become one of the most popular boybands in history and each of them household names in their own right. The ‘fandom’ that has surrounded them since their rise to stardom has been compared to the Beatlemania of the 60s and 70s, with thousands of excited girls gathering outside music venues, hotels and pretty much any location the boys frequent. Their security team has decided that hiring lookalikes as decoys to come with them on their latest tour will help to split fans into far more manageable numbers and relieve stress on both the security team and the band members themselves.

New Direction for Recruitment?
Relieving pressure on a team of workers, be it an international boyband or a small business, is an integral part of achieving optimal productivity. The One Direction decoys take the pressure off the band in order to give them the peace and rest they need to be at full physical and mental ability for a sell-out tour. This can be translated into business by taking a look at how each member of your team can work at their full potential and relieving any unnecessary pressure on them. Although this may appear to be a weak link to two completely different scenarios, the principle is very relevant.

Defining job roles more specifically helps a team know exactly what is expected of them. Although we would perhaps rather deal with the stress of thousands of women screaming in adoration, One Direction’s splitting of job roles in order to ease stress and keep everyone happy could be a new direction for mainstream recruitment.

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