Pandamonium: How Hugging Pandas Could Earn You 20k

2nd June 2014

We’ve got some weird and wonderful recruitment news from China as the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre advertises for a whole new kind of animal lover.

The Panda
Pandas are the national animal of China despite there being very few left in the wild; this means the successful breeding and rearing of panda cubs is growing ever more crucial if the species is to survive, let alone thrive. The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre plays an integral part in maintaining the survival of captive pandas as well as helping to ensure that any born in captivity are brought up in the best possible health in order to continue the bloodline and raise the numbers.

The Job

It may sound like a somewhat eccentric job or perhaps something a child might wish to grow up and do but it seems as though the sentence, ‘I hug pandas for a living’ might not be so far-fetched after all. The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre has in fact advertised for new panda babysitters! These employees will be given the handle ‘Panda Nannies’ and will have many duties concerning the health and well-being of the cubs including giving them lots of physical affection and love. As if the day-to-day tasks aren’t enjoyable enough, successful candidates can also expect free travel and accommodation as well as complimentary meals.

The Point

Panda Nannies will be paid 200,000 Yuan, the equivalent of just under £20,000, and although the salary and job description seem too good to be true, the conservation of these magnificent animals could indeed be a key aspect in their survival as a species. The close contact with humans is obviously not ideal but raising them in order to successfully breed ensures the continuation of China’s national emblem and one of the most adored and mesmerising animals in the world.

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