It's Not You, It’s Me: How Missing Out On The Job May Not Have Been Your Fault

9th June 2014

Applying endlessly for jobs can be one of the most draining experiences, especially if the jobs that are perfect for you keep passing you by. But, however disheartening it may seem, there are factors in a candidate’s job search that are simply out of their control.

What Candidates Don’t See
Of course there are many steps candidates can take to ensuring their CV and interviewing skills are second to none, and their skill set is adequately demonstrated on paper as well as via online platforms LinkedIn and Twitter. However, sometimes there are aspects of the hiring process that are subject to endless changes which are unavoidable and have a direct effect on the candidate. With the high cost of hiring a new employee, some companies may choose to look in-house and train up a current staff member to cut down on both advertising and recruitment costs. Moreover, location has also been cited as an issue in the hiring process, with companies opting for applicants who live closer to the job’s location and can start the job immediately without the stress of relocation.

What Can Candidates Do?

1. Although there are some parts of the process that are uncontrollable, particularly those on the part of the businesses being applied to, there are steps candidates can take in order to ensure maximum exposure in the job market. Do not just rely on the recruitment agency to do everything for you; there are numerous job-related online platforms enabling the creation of professional profiles that are available to the public. Putting yourself out there and making connections early on maximises your chances of being seen by the right people.

2. If the job of your dreams involves you relocating to another town, or even country, it is important to let recruiters and interviewees know this fact early in the proceedings in order to show not just your passion for the job but also your desire to integrate into the society surrounding it.

3. To maximise your job search it is imperative to use a trusted recruitment agency; is a low cost online recruitment agency dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service in order to facilitate the start in their new career.

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