Two Week Wait to Work: Companies Take too Long to Equip Staff

1st December 2014

Businesses are taking a surprisingly long time to give their staff the equipment needed to perform their jobs. Currently, it can take up to two weeks to provide new staff with access to various areas of the company, which in turn affects productivity. We take a look at why this is the case and how to increase the power of new employees.

Fortnight to Equip
A survey from VMWare discovered that it is taking UK businesses up to two weeks to equip new staff with the mobile capabilities they need in order to access emails and smartphone apps for their work. Only 12% of IT departments believed they had the tools at their disposal to meet the needs of employees and many feel there is a lack of clarity regarding their responsibilities towards privatising and restricting employees. The power may also be out of their hands, with 28% saying they are unable to control access to company data from all smartphones and mobile devices.

The survey suggests a large gap between what IT departments deem adequate and how employees feel about their restrictions. Nearly 50% of IT departments feel it is necessary to restrict workers’ access to mobile tools outside of work hours whereas, on the worker side, a significantly higher percentage (71%) believes they should not have any restrictions.

Decrease in Productivity
A surprising 78% of workers questioned in the survey say they still do not have the mobile capabilities needed to function at full productivity. Business methods have changed in the past decade to the extent that working flexibly and allowing staff to access their work data from anywhere and at any time is imperative, in order to ensure a company and its workers are achieving their shared goals.

There seems to also be a barrier between employees and IT departments, with 27% saying they would circumvent IT departments in order to get the programs and tools they need to perform their jobs. If this is the case, more needs to be done to clarify exactly what needs to be completed by IT and how this affects the overall productivity of the business. Due to the nature of working hours nowadays, people can be expected to work from home outside of business hours and this means that IT departments need to catch up with this change, in order to ensure staff are able to perform, and that important data and information is able to be kept private.

"A surprising 78% of workers questioned in the survey say they still do not have the mobile capabilities needed to function at full productivity."