Interview Mistakes: Twitter Erupts with Hilarious Tales of Interview Blunders

10th March 2015

Here at, we hope that everyone has the perfect interview. However, there are some interview tales that make us cringe and we thought we’d share them with our readers. The recent Twitter hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview got a massive response from users who shared stories, some real ones and some jokes, and we thought we’d pass a few tips on in the hope that they never happen again!

Awkward Encounters
Some of the funniest interview mistakes come without even trying. A story that went viral a short while ago, and even made the national newspapers, was told by a man who was rudely sworn at on the Tube during his daily commute. Upon arriving at work to conduct an interview with a candidate, he saw that the candidate was none other than the man who had been less than complimentary earlier that morning. We can’t imagine how mortified the candidate was at realising his rudeness could cost him a job, but it goes to show that a little politeness can go a long way!

Another Twitter user shared her story about a jokey response that probably did not have the desired effect. When asked the question, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?', she responded with, ‘Firing you!’. Although it can be great to add a bit of humour in an interview to portray something about your personality, it is important to know your audience and really gauge whether the response will be one of mutual humour or a very awkward silence.

Ruin a Job Interview
Another issue faced by many in interviews is what to wear. This hilarious tweet suggests that clothes really do make the man: “After 17 job interviews and still no job, I’m beginning to think wearing my lucky track suit isn’t so lucky.” Now we all know that a track suit doesn’t particularly scream professionalism, and this tweet is most definitely just a joke, however it may surprise just how many people do not feel the need to dress appropriately or demonstrate good hygiene - definitely something to think about!

The #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview hashtag prompted a barrage of side-splitting tweets including one user who simply said, “Anyway, they dropped the charges.

Our favourite tweet of the collection though had to be from Michael Spicer who said, “Tell them you’re not an applicant, you’re an appliCAN. Lick your finger, hold it against buttock. Make sizzling noise.” We can’t imagine that one going down particularly well, but it certainly made us chuckle!

"The #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview hashtag prompted a barrage of side-splitting tweets including one user who simply said, “Anyway, they dropped the charges.” "