Revealed: Most Sought After Jobs in the UK

19th June 2015

Research from CV-Library has revealed the UK’s most in-demand jobs and industries, showing areas of business where extra focus on recruitment could be beneficial. Both the administration and customer service industries have seen competitive applications, but why are they so popular?

Research Reveals High Volume Applications

CV-Library is one of the UK’s leading independent job boards, offering detailed knowledge of industries receiving a high volume of applications. Administration positions received the highest number of applications in May this year, signalling that this type of position continues to be among the most highly-competitive. Across the country, CV-Library received 57.3 applications per admin position advertised.

The reason why administration has received so many applications could be due to the lack of specific skills needed to perform well within a position. Admin roles offer candidates the opportunity to gain knowledge specific to the industry for which they are being hired, without the need for lengthy and expensive qualifications and degrees. Candidates may also be drawn in to admin roles as a foot in the door to a new sector, helping them move up the ladder to more industry-specific positions.

Admin positions can also help employees develop basic office-related skills including those soft skills needed to approach more challenging positions later in their employment. Skills needed to exceed within an admin role include: strong communication, organisational ability, knowledge of technology and time management. All these skills can lead to top quality performance as an administrator and are be transferable to other jobs further down the line.

This type of job can also be perceived as more predictable day-to-day and somewhat lower-pressure (though it can also be incredibly high pressure!) and pleasurable for those with an affinity for organisation and a dislike for notoriously high-pressure jobs such as being paid on commission in a sales role.

Other Top Jobs in Demand

The other positions receiving high levels of interest are customer service, distribution, manufacturing and retail. Both customer services and retail are similar to admin in that industry-specific knowledge is not necessarily required to perform the job to maximum productivity. With this in mind, it appears that the most sought after jobs are those which do not require specific qualifications yet have scope for growth and progression.

The job market saw a surge of applications after the recent general election too, however overall interest has waned since last year. CV-Library’s figures show that there were 18.3 applicants per job in May 2014 which has decreased by 15.4%. This suggests that while competition is low, candidates are being more picky with the jobs they apply for, signalling a need for employers within industries gaining less interest to up their recruitment game if they are to target talented people!

"in May this year... CV-Library received 57.3 applications per admin position advertised."