Power to the Candidate: What Turns People Off Applying for your Job

23rd July 2015

The power shift in recruitment has certainly switched in recent months, now lying firmly in the place of the candidate with jobs in surplus and skills in shortage. It’s often recruiters that have to impress – so we need to know what turns candidates off when browsing for jobs. Click for Indeed’s top reasons.

Time is of The Essence

Excessive screening questions are designed to weed out unsuitable candidates and ultimately save recruiters time. However they can also act as a blocker to desirable candidates, who simply can’t face the thought of answering 40+ questions they’ve likely answered multiple times before on other applications.

Indeed found that including 30 screener questions reduced applications by 50%.

Word Up

Contrary to digital etiquette, it’s not a case of short and sweet when it comes to composing a job description. Candidates want to know the juicy details! It’s ok to be lengthy on your job advert, including not only details of the day to day position which we’ve recently covered as being important to candidates, but company culture as well. Give people a taste of who you are – and how awesome working for you would be!

Indeed found that job descriptions between 700 and 2,000 words received 30% more replies on average.

Mobile Rules

Ah, mobile – the revolution that is making the Internet’s journey to dominance look sluggish. Candidates search on Google frequently for jobs, they search on their mobile devices too and they’d like – it seems – to complete the process on the move also, by submitting their application. If you’ve recently got a mobile site, then I’m afraid there’s no rest for the wicked – perhaps it’s time to get a mobile application portal too.

Indeed’s survey states 66% of job seekers would apply via mobile if it were more accessible.

In conclusion it’s time to get your writing cap on, go mobile and keep the screener questions to a minimum! The full Indeed write up is available here. RecruitmentRevolution.com also recommends social media promotion of positions – real time notification about a new role is relatively new and social in this manner can help candidates strike while the iron’s hot.

So, what are you reading to here for? Get writing!