When Good Skype Goes Bad

19th August 2015
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We’ve all heard interview horror stories and terrifying phone call tales. However the following were some of the funniest we’ve seen and we simply had to share – they’re all Skype-related too.

Liar Liar…

Pants on fire! One candidate looked and behaved beautifully throughout the duration of his interview. He spoke, he answered, he conquered. The interview finished and the candidate stood up to leave… unfortunately, although he had dressed impeccably, it was only on the top half of his body – on the bottom half he was still in his underpants!

Matrimonial Bliss

Ah… the beauty of wedded bliss. Cuddles in the morning and knowing you’re joined in holy matrimony to your soulmate. One such happy couple maybe took it a bit too far though, albeit in error. The female candidate was happily going about her interview and doing rather well when her oblivious husband – naked – walked into the room, put his arms around her and cheekily asked “Guess Who?!”.

Kids Problems

Children are a wonderful part of life and truly precious and special… however kids are kids. One mother was taking part in her Skype interview, and her child came in to the room. Unfortunately, needs cannot wait for little ones and her son proceeded to urinate all over the floor in view of the call!

Booze Brigade

Now despite the fact that you are at home and some allowances can be made for surroundings and attire, you need to be careful of your décor… for example having a whole host of alcohol bottles in the background of your Skype interview probably doesn’t create the best first impression as one recruiter experienced when conducting his.

Fun with Food

Now, not eating a messy plateful of noodles whilst on a Skype interview, even for a more informal one as supposed to face-to-face should probably seem like good old-fashioned common sense. However one candidate didn’t see it so, and happily chomped down on a feast of ramen noodles with chopsticks during her interview. I don’t think she got the job…

Angle Errors

And for our final tale we have the story of one candidate clearly not au fait with the perils of iPhones and their cameras! Whilst being interviewed on Skype he held his camera at a slightly odd angle, revealing lots of chest hair and not much head and face at all. Rather nicely though, his interviewer overlooked this faux pas and he got the job!

It’s inevitable that people will make errors and particularly whilst on Skype, it can be harder to be formal whilst in the comfort of your own home. It’s still an interview though, so take care and remember - if on Skype, keep it smart!

"one candidate... happily chomped down on a feast of ramen noodles... during her interview."