Digital Learning for L&D and HR on Target for UK Workers

14th October 2015
eLearning on Computer

The CIPD has reported on remote and e-learning practices among L&D professionals in the UK – and they’re on the rise. We look into the effect of e-learning, and additionally how HR departments are faring in their performance compared to other countries.

eLearning Rules

L&D budgets across Europe are leaning towards digital and away from the traditional. This statement comes from a survey conducted by The Cegos Group and shows that most L&D directors are increasing the proportion of e-learning they undertake with their teams:

“There was a 5% increase in the number of employers offering e-learning between 2011 and 2015.”

Cutting Costs?

Of those surveyed, one thought that came out was that L&D (learning and development) departments were cutting costs, and this formed part of the reason for digitalisation. However there is no solid proof of this at present, although a number of respondents believed this to be the case.

Methods of e-Learning

With regard to how L&D departments were digitising their learning, the below statistics came out and showed:

- 21% of employers are using e-learning modules, virtual classrooms and web conferences

- 17% are using podcasts and Enterprise Social Networks

- 13% are using other e-learning methods

But is e-Learning e-Effective?

On the employee side, we seem to prefer individual and group-based learning to e-learning, feeling the former to be more effective - 40% of respondents said this type of training had met their needs, vs. 30% for e-learning.

UK HR Achieves

The survey also gleaned some positive news for HR professionals in the UK. UK HR directors appear more ambitious than their counterparts throughout Europe in terms of employee training. They also make supporting their team’s career a top priority.

Additionally, the majority of workers believe their firm’s training policy is correct in what it aims to address, significantly higher than in other countries.

There’s no denying that the digital age and digital demand could benefit training practices whilst proving cost-efficient. However perhaps – based on the evidence – that time is not quite yet. Whatever HR and L&D departments are doing now though, with all this positive feedback, they’re certainly doing it well!

"21% of employers are using e-learning modules, virtual classrooms and web conferences"