The Year in Recruitment and Looking Forward to 2016

16th December 2015
Recruitment in 2016

A lot has happened this year, not least in the world of online recruitment but in the world itself. The Chinese economy suffered greatly in September, we had hideous terrorist attacks in Paris in November, we got a new Conservative Government and the economy grew. It’s a lot to take in! Read on for a summary of what happened in 2016 and what we think 2016 holds for online recruitment, and agencies such as ours.

2016 Recruitment Predictions

More Social Media Positions Will Be Available

A piece in RecruitmentBuzz recently wrote of results from their survey of employers throughout a number of industries. One of the results indicated firms would be continuing to use social media for business success in 2016, particularly in the B2C sector where many still find it a challenge – especially on Facebook.

Therefore, it would make sense for more B2C marketing specialists and social media experts to be advertised for in 2016, and likely advertised through social media as the recruiting channel of choice too!

Better Recognition and More Responsibility for HR and People Roles

With our economy growing, and forecast to continue growing, we foresee ourselves as an agency getting only more busy! There’s a big focus on well being, retaining talent, implementing flexible working and getting the most of your workforce at present – and to this end, we foresee an increased demand for talented HR professionals and candidates versed in people and business psychology to get the most out of teams in the coming year.

In addition to business benefits, the Workplace Pensions Scheme may require more careful business planning for SMEs and Startups, and more administration and financial talent to be recruited in established, larger businesses.

Supporting these ideas are statistics about what employees want in 2016 – taken from The survey was of 1000 employees, and 200 employers and conducted by Robert Half Recruitment:

• Employees would like more corporate perks such as gym memberships or free breakfasts (3%)
• Employees would like the opportunity to work from home (12%)

• Employers believe staff want more flexible working opportunities (57%)
• Employers believe their staff want more annual leave (23%)

Maintained Demand for Tech and IT Talent

We’ve written about this numerous times but there is huge demand, both in the freelance market and employment market for tech and IT talent as this space continues to boom. We have many positions in these sectors on our site, and foresee online recruitment continuing as the method of choice for recruiting these candidates.

Additionally, the focus on millennials and how to motivate and reward this new generation of workers is likely to continue.

Hard Ground for Graduates

Things are set to remain tricky for graduates. On the one hand, 44% of businesses questioned in RecruitmentBuzz’s survey will invest more heavily in their graduate schemes in 2016. On the other hand however, is that for 54% of these it’s because of the low cost of hiring graduates that they’re doing this. We predict graduate opportunities will increase, but there will still be a discrepancy between what they’re qualified to do, and their abilities regarding communication and soft skills needed to actually perform at the job – there may be multiple failed hires before a successful one.

Zero Hours Doing Well

Zero hours contracts caused a lot of controversy in 2015, with many citing them as unfair. However, some surprising stats have arisen showing that zero hours contracts workers are happier than their permanently employed counterparts. You can read the full report here, but we predict more of these positions will become available as the demand for flexible working and more time off increases.

In summary, we see an increase in temporary and flexible working jobs being advertised through our agency. Additionally we foresee a bigger need for more HR type roles as company compliance complexities with workplace pensions and bigger demand for more flexibility and wellbeing initiatives. Finally, we envisage more positions being advertised online and through social media and a maintained focus on millennials, tech and IT talent in 2016.

Watch this space! And follow us online for the latest online recruitment news in 2016.

"44% of businesses questioned in RecruitmentBuzz’s survey will invest more heavily in their graduate schemes in 2016."