Britain’s Most Fun Boss Enjoys Outstanding Staff Performance

22nd January 2016
Footprints in Sand

Britain’s self-proclaimed most fun boss goes above and beyond to ensure his staff have fun whilst at work. And it seems the results speak for themselves.

Meet Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Jones is the CEO of a cloud company called UKFast. As a digital entrepeneur he goes above and beyond for his team in a whole ream of firsts. But why go to such extremes? It’s all done in the name of productivity, and as CEO of a company valued at £250million, it’s hard to argue with his logic.

Fun Activities UKFast Have Laid on for Workers

These activities come at great cost for Lawrence, and great fun for his team! They include:

• A bar, a giant chess table, a den for 30 minute naps and a recording studio all resident in the company office
• Staff from his Swiss hotel who were flown in especially to serve cocktails at the firm’s Christmas party
• £10,000 bonuses issued for long-serving workers
• In the summer, 120 tonnes of sand imported to turn the carpark into a beach
• New hires encouraged to climb Mount Snowdon with other new employees to boost morale
• And there are even are plans to build dog kennels to workers can bring their pets to work

Does all this Effort Work?

In short – it seems so. Would you believe that none of his 255 staff have ever taken a sick day? We find that astounding! And it adds weight to Lawrence’s argument that work shouldn't be something overly complex or tough.

Other Leaders with Similar Viewpoints

Richard Branson is well known for his quote “Look after your staff first and the rest will follow” – he is a fierce advocate for employee well-being. Additionally, Li Jinyuan of Tiens spent £24 million taking half of his company to Monaco and France to celebrate its 10th anniversary and Li Huisen of Infitus spent £11 million to treat every member of his company to a holiday at a luxury Thai resort for 6 days.

The numbers spoken about here are massive – however the principle is much less expensive to swallow! These top global leaders see staff well-being as worth investing it, and when it comes to retention, days off sick and profitability, we can definitely see the benefit.

“Look after your staff first and the rest will follow”