Desk Stories: What Your Workspace Says About You

7th January 2016
Desk Space with Apple Mac

Undercover Recruiter wrote a fun piece about workspaces – and what yours says about you! The infographic lists six types of desk and corresponding worker, The Minimalist, The Hoarder, The Documentarian, The Techie, The Sickie and The Zen Master.

The Minimalist

These workers like to keep things simple – with minimal clutter and minimal “stuff” on their desk at any time. Clean, crisp and maybe a little bare… you may not notice this person even exists!

The Hoarder

From one extreme to the other, the hoarder has anything and everything on their desk. Reports from ten years ago will be piled somewhere and you may not even be able to see them behind their fort of old paperwork. If you’re looking for a clean coffee mug – this could well be where you’d find it! And if you’re looking for an answer to a difficult question, this person would know it too.

The Documentarian

This person will always remember birthdays, notable events and group meetings. They are the person that makes you look bad if you forget a colleague’s wedding day or son’s graduation as they will never forget! Their desk is a shrine to notable life events with photos of family, friends and all other important memories resident there.

The Techie

Techies may well blow the fusebox in the office but they do it in style. From iWatches to iPhones to iAnything – they’re forever on a piece of tech or fiddling with the latest app. They may not be the most productive at work, but they have an app for that anyway!

The Sickie

Look for Lemsip, tissues and lockets on this person’s desk. They’re a great worker…when they’re in the office. Prone to coughs, colds and sore throats this desk may be absent of a body sitting behind it from time to time.

The Zen Master

To finish off we have an oasis of calm – the zen master. Expect yoga talk, dream catchers and “Sounds of the Sea” from this desk. Everything is possible – even the impossible so any idea you want to greenlight, go to this person.

And to finish off did you know nearly half of us are appalled by the messiness of our coworker’s desks, and just over half of us do indeed judge a person by their workspace. In general, we hate clutter with 90% of us believing this has a negative effect on our work.

Which desk are you? At, it’s techie all the way!

"Techies may well blow the fusebox in the office but they do it in style."