When Good Interviews Go Bad

15th February 2016
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Career Builder released its top ten interview moments recently where candidate’s behaviour proved downright barmy! Nerves can certainly take their toll when it comes to the interview room, but for some they can overrun all senses! Read on for the complete list of behaviours.

Accidental Thieving

One candidate took their interviewer’s photo off their desk and slipped it into their bag! Accidental or not, we’re sure it proved for an awkward moment or two.

Time is of The Essence

Timing is everything and we may have things to do, however that doesn’t mean interviews aren’t allowed to run over. One candidate apparently screamed that the interview was taking too long – we suspect she didn’t get the job!

Odd Jobs

We all have our hobbies and our ideal vocations, but there are times when a little tact goes a long way. When one candidate was asked the quite typical question of what their ideal job was, they responded with the quite random “painter of birdhouses”.

The Songbird Candidate

One candidate quite simply sang the responses to all her questions! Whether or not it was for a position in musical theatre we don’t know, but we love the idea!

Lotion and Lather

This candidate decided to put lotion on her feet during the interview, we can’t imagine what inspired her to do that! Extreme dry skin, perhaps?

What the Wife Wants, the Wife Gets

One husband was perhaps attending his interview a bit reluctantly and at his wife’s will. When asked why we wanted the position he simply replied that his wife wanted him to get a job.

Heart to Heart

One candidate tried to feel their interviewer’s heart – in order that they could connect heart to heart…

Pet Birds

This candidate pulled a pet bird out of their shirt!

Phone Interview Mishaps

And finally, number 10 on the Career Builder list – this candidate was on a phone interview, she continued the interview on the toilet in the bathroom, and then flushed! Much to her interviewer’s dismay.

What We Think
There’s an abundance of blogs and literature about basic interview etiquette available for no cost around the Internet, and things you might not realise may matter or be an important interview behaviour. So we think with so much information out there, there’s really no excuse not to do a little reading up and avoid any silly mistakes come interview day.

"One candidate tried to feel their interviewer’s heart – in order that they could connect heart to heart…"