High Praise for Online Recruitment

16th May 2016
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We were delighted to read an article in Online Recruiter a few weeks back hailing online recruitment as the future of the workplace. For our team this is the case already and has been for over a decade, but we were delighted to read it all the same!

The main points around why online recruitment was cited as the tool of the future for finding and placing talent in this particular piece, were mostly around technology. We’re big fans of technology and firmly believe our digital presence in reference to both the frontend of our website, as well as our newly “refurbished” backend portal for our clients, makes our service more effective and better value for clients.


The points related to technology from the article that we feel push online recruitment to the fore of the recruitment industry are:

Flexible Working: Employees working for their employer continuously for 26 weeks can now legally request flexible working. Although it’s not massively on the rise in terms of uptake, well over half of employees want flexible working to be made available to them by their employer. With regard to this initiative and technology, we feel it’s because of technology that flexible working is largely possible. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and wireless technology mean getting online and working remotely online are now increasingly easy to manage successfully.

More Affordable Technology and a Wider Choice: Affordable technology is now more available than ever, thanks in part, to our startup culture whereby lots of techies are looking to make our lives quicker, easier and less expensive with their tools. We’ve got more to choose from as online recruiters, and the affordability factor results in cost savings we can pass on to clients.

Video Technology: Although you can gather a huge amount of information from a face to face interview, today’s video technology options are both effective and affordable. And this technology makes online recruitment an even stronger proposition in our opinion.

Mobile First: And lastly on the technology front, we’re living in a mobile world now as per our recent post on mobile recruitment strategies. This is another area where online recruitment is perfectly primed within the realm of technology.

Other Points of Note Around the Future and Online Recruitment

Other points the post made regarding how online recruitment was the future of the recruitment industry include;

- The increase in coworking spaces

- The rate of pace and change in the recruitment industry

- The increasing use of technology to match candidates with specific skill sets to employers

What we think:

Well we’re clearly biased! However the above are precisely the reasons we believe online recruitment is not only cost effective, but effective full stop.

"Employees working for their employer continuously for 26 weeks can now legally request flexible working."