Small and Large Business Technology Hiring: What’s New?

7th September 2016
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The small vs large business debate and the benefits of working for each continues. Small businesses often offer more flexibility and a more versatile role, large businesses can command more responsibility, and a longer and more fruitful career ladder to climb.

The differences in small business recruitment vs large business are also pronounced. Large businesses may well have an in-house recruitment team and be hiring continuously. Small companies may use agencies such as ours as and when they need.

Research from Indeed

Indeed performed some research around this topic and in particular reference to tech and IT recruitment. The results are in and there’s a significant difference in the tech talent being hunted out by bigger companies’ vs smaller businesses. We’ve got the split of roles below:

Smaller business tech jobs:
• Computer software engineers for systems and applications
• Computer hardware engineers
• Computer support specialists
• Computer scientists and researchers

Larger business tech jobs:
• Computer programmers
• Network systems and data communications analysts
• Database administrators
• Network and computer systems administrators
• Computer systems analysts
• Software quality assurance engineers

Main Differences

The main differences in these roles include:

Product Oriented for Small Businesses: Small business startups are often looking to perfect their product and hone their offering. They’re also offering more strategic and creative roles, allowing employees to be part of something from the ground up.

Support Based for Large Business: Large businesses already have a successful product and they’re looking to maintain, secure and support this instead of building something new. Jobs become less creative at larger companies and so analyst and administrator positions become more commonplace.

What Does This Mean for Small Business Recruitment?

How does this effect the way small businesses can root out talent? Our team has the following hints. Firstly, look for tech candidates with a product oriented background. Also, search out a track record in bringing initiatives from a simple idea through to fruition and a fully-fledged product. Additionally, if candidates mention wanting to flex their creative muscle, they could be a good fit for a small business tech opportunity too.

Our team can offer a huge amount of expertise around what talent you should be searching for when recruiting for your small business. Get in touch to learn more.

"Jobs become less creative at larger companies and so analyst and administrator positions become more commonplace."