Valuable Lessons from Summer Jobs & High Vacation Technology Use

11th August 2017
Pink Flower in Summer

We’re (supposedly) in the heat of British summertime! August is quiet for many firms as employees take their annual summer vacation. But it seems we’re not unwinding as we should. We’ve taken a look at the technology that workers take away with them as well as strong lessons today’s employees learned from their years working summer time jobs.

91% of Workers Log On Whilst on Holiday

A survey of 1,000 British adults by Electric Tobacconist has revealed the following findings. 

  • We actually take more gadgets on holiday with us than we do on a normal day to work!
  • Only 9% of us have a gadget-free holiday, instead caving to the pull of technology and taking it with us on vacation
  • In addition to smartphones, 42% of us travel with an iPad, 23% travel with a laptop and 37% travel with battery packs

There are mixed opinions on whether logging on whilst we’re away helps ease the stress of returning by knowing what is going on back at home or whether it prevents a complete detox and relaxing of workers' minds and bodies. 

It’s notoriously difficult to switch off – we don’t know the right answer for this one! 

Lifelong Skills from Short Term Jobs

The FT reported on valuable skills learnt from workers as they reflected on summer time jobs from when they were growing up. These jobs may seem like nothing but a gateway to earning some pounds for the following months, however the skills they teach us are often invaluable. 

Some cited in the article include;

  • Boldness: Being less timid in harsher environments that command confidence
  • People Skills: One prior KFC worker learned about people and management by observing those in his role willing to get by with a laissez-faire attitude contrasted with those who were willing to graft and those who were more authoritarian in their daily work
  • Respect: In a job presenting an element of danger, one worker learnt to respect those working in these positions full time as well as grit and perseverance  
  • Making the Most of a Job: In positions that may seem at times tedious, a sense of pride and accomplishment in the work helped one employee discover how to make the most out of their role
  • Punctuality: One story of a DJ being late to his shift resulting in a serious telling off by his employer due to an hour of dead air time led to a new appreciation of punctuality!

As online recruiters, we constantly see the benefits jobs bring other than the completion of work and a monthly pay cheque. From a social environment to achievement and the development of soft skills that last a life time, the benefits of summer – and indeed any – employment are numerous and valuable.

We actually take more gadgets on holiday with us than we do on a normal day to work!