3 ways LinkedIn can improve your recruitment strategy

As a platform, LinkedIn is the one that most recruiters and HR professionals don’t use to its full advantage. It’s a platform that has so much potential to find the perfect candidate for the role you are hiring for.

We’ve put together three tips to make sure you are using LinkedIn.

1. Keep your company profile up to date

Your company profile is like an online advert for your business, for other businesses and potential employees. Make sure you are looking at posting some content to include things like informative blog posts. To be seen as a company that is ‘cutting edge’ with potential employees it’s important to maintain a high-quality profile. Keep your live jobs up to date, your posts high quality and your profile slick.

2. Check out your candidate profiles

The credentials that your potential candidates use on their LinkedIn profile are often different to those on a CV. There are also an array of things you can look at on their profiles like any volunteer work they have completed and any endorsements or recommendations they have. On this note, make sure you are keeping your current employees linked with your business too! This means that you can look at contacts of your employees for potential candidates that fill the skills set you need, as well as for people who are recommended to you by your current employees.

3. Use Groups to your benefit

You can post on groups to get the attention of people job hunting on the platform. They also help you fish out people who are active in the industry. Take a look at these groups here (LINK https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/11-must-join-linkedin-groups-recruiters-david-alonso-1) for the perfect start to recruiting on LinkedIn. These are the perfect groups to get yourself established as an expert in your field, as well as to connect with bunches of like-minded people that you can create online relationships with.

By using these tips, you can use LinkedIn as a tool to recruit the perfect employees for your business. Remember to keep your company profile up to date, and to connect with as many of your current employees as you can – nothing says a great place to work than a great relationship with the people that work for you.