4 Top tips when you are negotiating

This interesting negotiating article piqued our interest this week and was initially posted on the barrett, we have listed our top 4 below.

Whether you are negotiating job offers or other business deals, there are certain truths that should be kept in mind for all negotiations. Those that make careers out of negotiation never forget these top tips. If you are negotiating for yourself, you would be wise to take them to heart.

One. Never be afraid to walk away.

The first rule of negotiation is to go in completely centred. If you need something from the opposing party, they will pick up on it and draw you in until they have negotiated an unbalanced deal. You want to negotiate from a point of equality, and that means losing out on the entire negotiation will not hurt you.

Two. Research the weak points of the opponent.

In order to negotiate with someone in the present, you have to know their past. Actions in the past can give you clues as to what direction a negotiation will take. It is this kind of research that will allow you to enter the negotiation on a level playing field.

Three. Remember that negotiation is for mutual benefit.

As long as you enter a negotiation on a relatively equal playing field, you must realise that you are not trying to destroy whoever is across the table from you. They are not your enemy. Ideally you are looking for a deal that will leave you both better off. However, both parties should also feel as if they have given up something to participate in the negotiation.

Four. Divert.

Sometimes it is best to start negotiating on a point that you do not care about. Then when you give the point up later, you will have lost nothing.

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