50% of staff not aware of HR policies

We read an interesting piece on People Management this week about staff not being aware of HR policy despite it being covered at the hiring and recruitment process. Should more be done to highlight these policies to employees by employers? We have summarised the article below.

A survey was recently conducted of 1000 employees to determine their knowledge of the HR policies of their company. The findings were absolutely astounding. Only 53 per cent of the respondents stated that they were familiar with their company HR policies.

When it came to corporate structure, only 43 per cent of respondents claimed to know the facts about their company. Less than 25 per cent of the people surveyed knew the company social responsibility policy or the company service policy.

It was amazing that employees were so uninformed, especially since these policies are covered during the recruitment and hiring process. The survey comprised of people in all types of jobs and careers. Responses were consistent throughout all industries.

The survey also found that employees believed that it was important for employers to be accredited with programmes such as “Investors in People.” Over half of the respondents believe that companies that have management programmes in place are much better to work for than others.

Businesses that are Investors in People have a higher success rate than those who opt to refrain from participation. Of course, proper HR techniques are very important for business success. However, this success only comes when HR can effectively convey the information to the employees.

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