6 Changes Employers Should Know About

The employment law goes through small changes every year. Many changes are taking place in 2012 for both employers and employees with new jobs.

1. In what can be considered the most overarching change to the 2012 employment law, employees are now able to bring forth unfair dismissal claims for incidences that happened up to two years prior. This change in time, up from one year, was done to allow businesses to smoothly work out disputes and clear up the quickening pace of workplace tribunals.

2. Larger employers – those with 50 or more employees – are now required to automatically enrol new employees in a career pension program that must include employer contributions.

3. The amount that an employment tribunal can now award a legal party has been increased from £10,000 to £20,000

4. The amount considered for an employee’s pay, for one week, has been increased to £430, as it pertains to redundancy payments with respect to unfair dismissal. Likewise, this translates to a yearly amount of £72,300.

5. Maternity pay has also been increased, to £135.45 per week, while sick pay has increased to £85.85 per week.

6. Finally, it is necessary to keep aware of new changes that have yet to be implemented.

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