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Not Right for the Job: How 60% of New Hires Fail to Meet Expectations

Recruiting can be a long and laborious process which requires time, effort and passion if you are to find a candidate not just suitable for the job, but who excels at it. HR Grapevine reported on a recent study that has revealed up to 60% of new employees fail to reach the desired skill set within the first two years of employment. Here, we look at why, and how this problem can be remedied.

60% No Good
Recruitment technology company The Search Party conducted research on businesses throughout different stages of the recruitment process and uncovered opinions that over half of new employees hired do not reach the expected level of productivity, job knowledge and are not performing their job to the standard required.

Fifty four percent of employers also admitted to cutting corners in the recruitment process in order to fill a position quickly, compromising on the standard of staff due to the desperation to find someone to perform the role. This is because they believe current recruitment processes take too long, sometimes up to two months, which results in a disjointed team and a lower level of productivity.

Changing Strategies
There are ways in which to change your approach to recruitment if you are struggling to attract candidates with the appropriate qualifications and skill set. Looking at the methods you currently use and updating them to be more suited to those you want to attract can help – ie if you’re hiring for tech use social media, if you’re hiring for a niche, advertise with firms that specialise in that niche.

Using a low cost online recruitment agency too is a great way to maximise your company’s online presence as well as taking some of the pressure off management to immediately fill positions.

*Trusting recruitment agencies to take on the task of finding someone perfect for the job is important; they have the best resources at their disposal to make sure your job advert reaches the correct demographic.*

The Future
Currently, with companies taking on staff members that are not up to scratch, the forecast for some jobs looks bleak. Hiring people immediately who are not correct for the job, with regards either to qualifications or experience, will result in lower productivity, lower team morale and the eventual dismissal of someone who should not have been employed in the first place.

With the statistics saying some employees are not reaching the desired levels in two years it’s natural to assume that firms are wasting a great deal of money on employees and in turn, employees are wasting a great deal of time in a job they will never progress in.

We’re proud of our successful hire rate at, and looking to a low cost recruitment agency such as ourselves can take the stress and strain out of looking for your new team member as well as cut costs. We have the resources and the know-how to change the way you see recruitment and to help make the newest member of your team the right one.

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