A Bigger Car or a Bigger Desk? You’d Be Surprised.

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter.co.uk about a surprising trend in office one-upmanship. We have summarised accordingly.

Once upon a time, crowds of envious employees would vie for a spot at the window to watch Richard arrive in his new Jaguar. Henry would be the talk of the town as he pulled his Mercedes into the car park and Julia turned heads in her gleaming Porsche. But something else has come along which has stolen the jealousies of office employees, the desk.

500 business people took part in a survey to find out what the key status symbol of the workplace was. The car garnered only a lowly 12% of people’s opinions, beaten to the bottom spot only by clothing (6%) and easily trumped by job title at 29%. However, more than half of all of those taking part declared that desk size is what sets apart peers and peons in the office.

The survey also looked into which television programme most influences their attitude to their office surroundings. With a surprisingly low 1%, arguably the most famous business television show The Apprentice slumped at the bottom of the rankings. 24 somehow has a bearing on 6% of workers’ attitudes and The Good Wife claims an influence on a respectable 27%. But it was the American hit show Mad Men, centred in a fictional advertising agency in New York City in the 60s, which surprisingly translates into affecting workers’ modern outlooks on their offices.

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