Agency Workers Demand Stays Strong

A recent JobsOutlook survey suggests that a larger portion (81%) of employers are planning to expand their workforce or maintain their staff at their current level. A confirmed 31% of employers plan to increase their local staff. Over the next year, 83% of employers are looking to do the same.

The figures, more than half of the employers surveyed went ahead with staff training and other advances ahead of Agency Workers Regulations set to take effect in October.

A little over a third of employers said they did not make any major changes. 9% of employers were unsure if they would.

“The ongoing economic uncertainty has clearly influenced hiring patterns,” notes REC chief executive Kevin Green. “Using temporary and contract staff is an attractive option and provides a means of bringing in the right skills at very short notice.”

With the AWR taking effect there has been no change in the need for agency staff members. With the 12-week milestone steadily approaching, new supply models have developed from the haze rather than employers looking towards temp and contract labour parties as they would have in the past.

JobsOutlook is based on a monthly survey of 600 employers on a three-month rolling basis.

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