AI in Action: Real Life Examples

Artificial Intelligence Future
As technology continues to permeate into every element of our society we’ve had a look at companies whose employees have had to get themselves used to a little more robotic action around the office! We discuss three examples of AI in action in the workplace.

Bridgewater Associates

The world of trading has been progressively becoming more automated for some time now with a large amount of trades now completed using just computers and no human input. To this end, Bridgewater Associates, an investment management firm managing $150 billion in global investments is looking to replace its hedge fund managers with AI. The piece of software being created will contribute to the day to day management of the firm including “hiring, firing and other strategic decision-making”. There are big expectations for it to deliver round the clock benefit to the firm.


Matlda is a hiring robot. This clever piece of AI conducts 25 minute job interviews working through a roster of up to 76 questions. Answers are analysed considering the following factors; responses, facial expressions and comparisons with other successful employees within the company. One benefit of doing this process robotically could be to ease the nerves of candidates for whom attending an interview is a scary prospect. Conversing with a machine may well be less nerve-wracking than conversing with a human – even if it is a little surreal!


Kinba is a resident receptionist at King’s College, London. It works alongside a human receptionist and the students love it (Kinba has not been assigned a gender as of yet). This clever piece of AI looks, hears and speaks. Kinba is a work in progress and an endless source of fun – Ms Templing of the University says:

“You can never quite tell what it’s going to come out with next when someone asks it a question. This morning someone asked it what time it was and it said that it was ‘time to get wacky’ – which I thought was quite fun to hear on a Friday.”

We’re still holding out for a tea-making piece of AI for the office!