Apple’s ‘Job for Life’ Bites Them Back

We came across an interesting article from HRZone about an ex-Apple executive suing his former employers about their false ‘job for life’ promise. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Former Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, had allegedly promised one of his employees a ‘job for life’ with the California based tech company. In a personal meeting, Jobs apparently told the now-ousted executive producer, Wayne Goodrich, that there would always be a role for him at Apple. Jobs went on to highlight that this promise stood even if Jobs was ‘no longer around’, having been battling cancer for a number of years.

After Jobs sadly passed away, Goodrich was let go by Apple because of ‘business reasons.’ Being a key player in both the product launches for the iPad and iPhone, and also introducing Apple top bosses to the Siri technology, Goodrich feels hard done by in being sacked.

Goodrich has taken his case to The Superior Court of California, suing for breach of contract and unfair dismissal. Lost pay and emotional distress are amongst his compensation claims, along with loss of restricted stock and company benefits.

Jobs has apparently made this promise to other key members of the Apple work force, and it remains to be seen whether a change at the top is going to cause a ripple effect throughout the entire company. A lot will depend upon who wins in this court case.

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