Are You Risking Your Job With Bad Habits?

We came across an interesting article from the John Tesh blog recently, which looks at some surprisingly common bad habits that lose people jobs every day. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Some bad habits are just character traits – but even the most common slips can end up costing you your job. Based on the surveys and data of and the AMA – there are 3three main habits in the workplace that can leave you unemployed.

Talking about workplace matters in an unprofessional manner, or even about colleagues in general, can be a fast track road to terminating your employment. Gossiping has led to people being sacked on a grand scale, with more than a third of managers admitting to it being the main reason behind their decision.

Web Surfing
It’s almost unheard of for an employee to not use their office computer for at least a little leisure – but there is a difference between firing off a quick e-mail and watching frequent videos and sports shows. More than half of companies involved in a recent survey have said that they have fired workers for online shopping and sending personal messages.

Serial latecomers exhibit signs of not caring about their jobs – and it’s becoming more frequent. The numbers of people arriving late at work once a week or more had increased by almost 10%. Poor punctuality is to blame for thousands of sackings across the world, with managers admitting that it comes into their top five reasons to fire an employee.

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