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Attitude over Degree: Graduates Find Jobs

A survey of university graduates done by a large firm sheds some light on the key to the job market. Having a degree is not enough to land a good job. The job seeker needs to show evidence of initiative and problem-solving ability. Relationship development was a key factor in hiring one applicant over another. Determination to get the job done and resilience in dealing with setbacks were highlighted in the top five attributes of a potential employee.

If one large, well-known firm advocates these qualities in their hired staff, then most others will also. The recruiter needs to see that an applicant has an understanding of the workplace, even if it is a part-time checkout job. Include whatever work experience is relevant and don’t leave out something that seems trivial; it may be helpful.

The firm, liaison, recommended that graduates find out what they are good at and focus on that in a career. Don’t try to do it all because employers need people in posts that can give their full attention to their skills to achieve the goal. Taking risks is looked on as good as long as one learns from mistakes. Meet deadlines and cooperate as much as possible to maintain a good working relationship.

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