Money Talks: Average Salaries and Best Paying Jobs

Airplane Wing Over London

We enjoy keeping pace with the latest developments on UK salaries and employee benefits. To this end, The Independent released data on the top 9 UK jobs that are the best paid as per The Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Average Pay

Although average salaries in major centres across the UK such as London may be considerably higher, the UK average earnings as reported in The Independent are £34,400 per individual in the past year.

Top Paying Jobs

Here are the top paying jobs determined by a 1% survey sample of all the workers that carry out each occupation:

1. Brokers: Average pay before tax – £133,900
Traders are renowned for having high wage packets, though they also have high intensity and stress levels!
2. Chief Executives: Average pay before tax – £123,600
With great responsibility comes great pay! It’s also worth noting these professionals tend to receive high benefits packages too on top of their reported salaries.
3. Marketing Directors: Average pay before tax – £87,900
The life of a marketer is synonymous with fighting fire although the pay can be good at the top. It’s worth nothing this salary has fallen 2.5% in the last year.
4. Pilots: Average pay before tax – £86,900
The dangers of this as a career are obvious, as are the perks. The Independent reports a slight drop in pilot’s salaries in conjunction with an increased number of low budget airlines too.
5. Financial Managers: Average pay before tax – £84,700
This figure has reportedly increased 2.4% in the last year.
6. Air Traffic Controllers: Average pay before tax – £81,100
Notoriously complex and with catastrophic consequences in error this job comes with colossal responsibilities – just 0.5% that take the exam to qualify pass it.
7. In-House Lawyers: Average pay before tax – £80,200
Less intense than the life of a city lawyer, it pays well too!
8 Doctors: Average pay before tax – £78,400
After surpassing the Junior stage of their career which has been much disputed in the media, they command a big salary.
9. IT and Telecoms Directors: Average pay before tax – £78,100
These salaries have increased by a reported 9% in the last year as trained IT professionals become increasingly in demand.

What We Think

The sharp increase in IT salaries seems reflective of the increased demand for IT talent that we’ve observed. Otherwise, no major surprises at the top!