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Be a Manager that People Want to Work For

We came across an interesting article from Business Insider recently, which looked at how to improve as a manager and develop business relationships with both your employees and your superiors. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

If you’d like an increase in pay, the best way to achieve this is to become the type of leader that others will want to work for. Leaders aren’t born; they’re created through time and experience. Here are some tips.

1. Treat people how you’d like to be treated
This tip may appear to be obvious, but how often do you follow this rule?
There have been cases of magnetic leaders that have committed themselves to a colleague’s cause; in one case a magnetic leader, Chris Patterson of Interchanges, made the decision to help a colleague that was suffering from a potentially life-threatening illness in any way that he could. This inspired.

Magnetic leaders are highly valued by their employers and compensated accordingly.

2. Employees First
If ever you’re unsure of a decision – put your employees first. For instance, you may have been given the opportunity to lead an event with your team – but your department is already overworked. Give the team some time off and think about them.

The same rule applies to finding the courage to discuss uncomfortable or difficult topics with your boss in order to stick up for your department or team and to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the company.

3. Become Recognised
To improve as a leader you must become an influential and recognisable character both inside and outside of your organisation. Get involved in a variety of activities that relate to your career and where possible volunteer for leadership positions.

4. Assist Superiors
Helping managers, bosses and those superior to you is not to be considered as brown-nosing; by completing favours for others you can obtain the resources that you require for your employees in return. Helping others, especially those above you, can also aid in the forming of strong relationships. is an online recruitment agency that ensures you find the right candidate for your company through their professional services.