What Did You Do At Work Today? The Best Jobs for High Salary and High Excitement


Some of us dream of earning big bucks as a movie star or a musician, others dream of being a best-selling novelist or highly-regarded painter. These are all well and good, but perhaps it’s time to think outside the box? Here we look at some of the most exciting jobs that are both mentally, and financially fulfilling.

Technical Jobs

If you have an eye for engineering or a love of mechanics, perhaps you could be a race engineer. Working on some of the most powerful cars in the world, your job as a race engineer is to analyse and improve performance before, during and after races. You will need a degree in automotive or mechanical engineering and a lot of hands-on experience, perhaps working for free for some companies in order to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding. For all your hard work, you can expect a salary of up to £90,000!

For fans of a different type of technology, perhaps the title of ethical hacker might suit you? Companies will hire ethical hackers to test the security capabilities of their computer systems, and it’s your job to try and break in! Although there are many academic routes to take to get into this type of job, talent and experience will also get you ahead. Helping large companies see how best to protect sensitive information can be an exciting option, especially if you want to use your hacking powers for good, plus if you reach a team leader level, you could be looking at a salary of up to £85,000.

Physical Jobs

For people who want to get out of the office humdrum of nine to five, and into something more physically exerting, how about being a bomb disposal diver? Sounding just as dangerous and exciting as it really is, bomb disposal divers are trained to search for unexploded mines and bombs situated way out in the deep blue sea. The job entails either removing the explosives safely or disarming them yourself whilst underwater. Dangerous it may very well be, but the salary could reach up £100,000 and the excitement factor goes without saying.

From the sea to the air now, and for those who like a little more excitement but with no bombs involved, the position of power line helicopter pilot could be the job for you. You will need to have both a private and commercial pilots’ license and have 2,000 flying hours under your belt in order to perform the job, which entails flying close to power lines so that an attached camera can document any faults or breakages for the power company to then fix, all earning you a cool £65,000.

Social Jobs
If you require more face-to-face action in your job, you’d be surprised to hear that a trained butler can earn between £60,000 and £90,000 a year in the UK and more overseas, some earning up to £150,000. You must be passionate about the service industry as a whole and have the dedication needed to keep your boss happy at all times. There are various training schools for butlers that are used by potential bosses almost exclusively as a way of hiring. Although the job can be lonely and some bosses can be worse than others, it will be an experience that can earn you a lot of money.

Looking for something that teams social knowledge with psychology? Why not try being a social engineer? Social engineers are hired by companies to trick employees into giving away sensitive information about the business, which can then be used to access their computer network. A good knowledge of psychology, body language and IT are imperative for the job, and although you are manipulating people and situations to suit your end, it is an exciting way to earn £80,000 a year!

So why not see if there is something more exciting for you out there?

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