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The Best Job Titles. Ever.


At we’re big advocates of following your passion. Doing something you enjoy is paramount, and that’s exactly what the following have done…earning them deliciously different job titles!

Extreme Unicyclist
Exactly what this fellow did to earn the title of “extreme” we don’t know! Not two words you’d normally see put together you’ve got to admit – it’s an extreme-ly cool job title!

Bride Kidnapping Expert
There are many secret habits people don’t admit too – we all have our vices after all – but a bride kidnapping expert HAS to raise a few eyebrows! This expert even made an appearance on TV under this title, brides-to-be everywhere…watch out!


We love animals. We especially love cute animals. A few weeks ago we published a post about being paid to cuddle pandas, now it’s penguins. There must be a secret animal college somewhere we don’t know about…these cool animal-jobs are popping up everywhere!

Cool Kid
Oh how I wish I was one of these! To be named cool is one thing, to be named “cool kid” on a TV program and etched into video forever is quite another.

Head of Potatoes
This one confused us! We presumed potatoes were pretty easy to obtain and manage, but alas it seems not! Being “Head of Potatoes” is indeed a very important job…

Bear Biologist and Paperfolder
Talk about extremes…dangerous bears to placid paper! Although we have to admit that papercuts can be pretty nasty. Now THAT’S a career journey I’d like to learn more about.

Head of Elephants
Elephants never forget, and neither will we! Does one start as head of horses perhaps, then move on to elephants? Another brilliant job title.
Oh how we wish we could assign the title of “Penguinologist” or “Head of Elephants” to someone! We didn’t even know they existed, I wonder how the job application process goes?!

You can read the other titles on Buzzfeed.

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