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Best & Worst Jobs of 2013: The Adzuna Job Survey

We came across an article about the UK’s best and worst jobs of 2013 according to, which featured in Recruitment Buzz recently and we have the highlights of the survey below. conducted a study during September 2013 of the UK’s best and worst jobs based upon 25 separate criteria including working conditions, earning potential, competitiveness, job security and unemployment rates. They analysed over 2,000 job titles to determine the very best and worst jobs in the UK.
The Best:
Translators, Web Developers and Surgeons have very high job security and growth in salary potential, which can be as high as 8 times the starting salary. These jobs also boast some of the highest average salaries in excess of £85,000 per annum. For instance, in the IT sector, advertised job roles have increased by over 20% since the start of the year, which also gives a promising outlook for this industry. Web developers have also been highlighted as one of the most stress free jobs in the market.
The Worst:
Couriers and Miners are shown to have the worst jobs due to the consistently high-pressure deadlines, very long working hours and a low income growth. The job market is competitive and the security is low so overall they are difficult, stressful and insecure job roles.
The Most and Least Stressful:
Pilots and Oil Riggers score the highest in the emotional and physical stress areas in the survey due to the intense and draining nature of the working environment and the job itself. Journalists were 4th on the most stressful due to the deadline driven, competitive work environment. At the other end of the spectrum, low competition, few deadlines and very little physical or emotional demands in the work role has led to Librarians and Translators being deemed the least stressful jobs of 2013.
The Head of Research at Adzuna, Flora Lowther said “Listing every available vacancy in the UK and studying the behaviour of millions of monthly job seekers, gives us a unique insight into employee satisfaction levels and perceptions in today’s job market. Job seekers should be taking note of this research when thinking about their next career move.” is an online recruitment agency who specialise in a low cost approach to recruitment for business.