Talking The Walk – Using Body Language In An Interview


Around 96% of communication is non-verbal, so it’s not just what comes out of your mouth that counts. Read on for how to play your body language when it comes to a job interview.

Handshake Hints
The handshake is an obvious one to think about, it’s been present in many a movie and TV skit and there are SO many ways to get it wrong. Sweaty hands? Too firm? Not firm enough? Too familiar? Too nonchalant? The correct way to shake your interviewers’ hand upon meeting according to this Undercover Recruiter infographic is to handshake firmly, whilst maintaining eye contact and with a sincere smile on your face.

Sitting Comfortably?
All those times your Mum or teacher told you to sit up and stop slouching can finally start to pay off. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that slouching back or casually kicking your chair with your hands behind your head portrays the message that you’re disinterested – however compelling your conversational skills are. So sit up, maintain eye contact and stay focused – that view out of the window is NOT more interesting than your potential future employer!

Come Back!
You may well have a hot date that night, a train to catch or a party to prepare for but try not to run out of the interview room the second you’re finished. Walk in a relaxed manner, whilst remaining poised and assertive. Even if you think you’ve not done well – try not to lower your head and rush out – hold yourself with pride, you’ve gotten this far after all and you never know what the final result will be.

Unfortunately, despite being on the increase video interviewing isn’t the norm yet, so although daunting traditional face-to-face interviews are nerve wracking, they’re still necessary. So do your homework on how to perform in an interview.  Our team is here to support you – so please don’t be afraid to tweet us online.

And as a final thought remember, confidence is key…now go knock em’ dead!

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